Dirty Laundry?

I seem to keep blogging about stuff that is about me as a person rather than me as a writer. Not that writer me is some kind of separate being, Cyberauthor or something, but I seem to keep blogging about more personal things. Maybe that adds depth to me as an author, maybe it will show me to potential agents as a 3 dimensional and exciting new author bursting with real life emotions and experiences or maybe it will make me look a bit like I air my dirty laundry in public. Though as I suspect many fiction writers put a lot of themselves into their writing I suspect we are all guilty of doing that anyway.
Ponderings aside I think I’ll carry on as I am, after all Nicola Sheehan Single Mother is the same person as Nicola Sheehan Mental Health Sufferer, Nicola Sheehan Domestic Abuse Victim & Nicola Sheehan Author.