Happy New Year!!!

It’s a funny old thing, New Year. Sometimes it’s a chance for a new beginning, sometimes it’s the chance to draw a line under a truly dreadful year, and sometimes it’s just a chance for a bloody epic party. If yours is the latter then maybe your diary will resemble Rebecca’s today:

New Years Day, 3 something am.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Party wasss fabby. I is hostess extraw estr fucking good. I did social flutterby to the max. Everyone had fun. Everyone had snoggies (Ana snogged Postroom Pete hee hee). My flat not trashed. Need to sleep now but Carlos and Jonny are in my bed. Maybe I’ll just snoozy on the sofa…. Zzzzzzzzz

Read more of Rebecca’s year in a much more coherent form here:

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