Tattoos you might just regret…

I wrote this as a bit of obscure copy the other week but it kind of amused me so I thought I’d share it here too…

Five Tattoos That You Might Live To Regret.

Tattoos are no longer purely the domain of hairy bikers and heavy rockers. Tattoo culture has boomed over the last ten years and it seems to be harder pressed to find people who don’t have ink than those who do. However there are some tattoo trends that might be better off resigned to the past or at the very least that should be approached with caution…

1. Names. Let us not forget Johnny Depp and his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo that he had changed to ‘Wino Forever’ once his relationship with the actress broke down. Or indeed Katie Price and her crossed out ‘Pete’ tattoo. I understand wanting to etch a symbol of your love on the skin but I really think as far as name tattoos go you should stick to your kid’s names or the names of sadly departed people that way you should avoid your skin looking like the front of a high school exercise book.

2. Band names. Yes, yes you might be a Belieber now but can you hand on heart say that you’ll want a devotion to Justin scrawled on your skin forever? Same rules apply to band tatts as to the names of your beloved, you just might what to think twice. Or three times. Let’s say think four times… just to be on the safe side.

3. Chinese/Arabic symbols. Now if you write perfect Chinese or Arabic then maybe you can ignore this one but I think generally it’s a fad that should be avoided. I’d say the general rule is that if you have a tattoo in Chinese or Arabic then it probably doesn’t say what you think it does. And I speak from an informed place: I have friends with Chinese tattoos reading ‘Holiday’ instead of ‘My Journey’, a ‘Free Spirit’ tattoo that reads ‘Floaty Ghost’ and I myself have an Arabic ‘Taurus’ tattoo that, of course, just reads ‘Bull’. Just don’t do it. Please.

4. Faces. Now this isn’t an absolute, there are some AMAZING portrait tattooists around the trouble is there are a lot more bad ones. Tread carefully or forever scare small children.

5. Cheap jokes. A camel on your toe or a burning bush on your bikini line might seem funny when you’re on holiday with your mates but it’s not. Not at all. Seriously, please don’t.

Nicola Sheehan is author of Tiger Tiger

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