All In This Together?

So the child tax credits people have for some reason got my date of birth wrong. They’ve had it wrong for about 5 years. They only know it’s wrong because I’ve told them, I know the false date of birth that they have on file, I could have just passed security by giving them the wrong information. They stopped my tax credits (£240, more than 1/4 of my monthly income) a couple of weeks ago. When they stopped it they said they had asked me previously for proof of my date of birth. They hadn’t. They said they’d send another request. I haven’t received it.
This morning I got a letter off Enfield Council. The tax credits people have informed them that my tax credits have stopped therefore they have stopped my council tax benefit. I suspect that it’s a matter of time until my 6 year old’s school dinners get stopped.
I called the tax credits ‘helpline’. “You should have received the request.” I know. “You can’t send evidence until you have that letter.” That’s helpful. “I’ll send out another letter.” That possibly won’t arrive.

I have borderline personality disorder with severe anxiety attacks. I am a single mum getting £50 ESA a week (I spent 10 years as a palliative care nurse, I’m massively worse of on benefits. This is NOT a lifestyle choice). I feel like my head might explode and writing this is reminding me to breathe. All in this together eh Mr Cameron et al? Walk a day in my shoes and then look me in the eye and tell me that.