The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

On the 16th August 1977 the world lost the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roller that it has ever or will ever see, Elvis Aaron Presley.

There are too many songs devoted to and inspired by the great man to list them all but I thought I’d give my top ten here.

1) Kate Bush, King Of The Mountain. From one of my favourite Kate albums is this very Kate tribute:

2) Alannah Myles, Black Velvet. We all need a big power ballad to blow off the cobwebs. This’ll do nicely. Black Velvet if you please.

3) The late, great Kirsty MacColl, There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis.
Tenuous but brilliant. Kirsty is here because I bloody love her and this song is a genius smear on the lack of trust a woman has in a man (second only to “don’t come the cowboy with me Sonny Jim”)
4) Scott Walker, Jesse.
A musical list from me would not be complete without the mighty Scott. This is on “The Drift”. It’s a fucking scary song, creepy little details, unbelieavble sound and is about Elvis’ twin. Bloody amazing.

5) Elton John, Porch Swing In Tupelo.
This is a much more basic tribute to the King and feeds the weakness I have for Sir Elton

6) Depeche Mode, Personal Jesus. This had to go in. Being a child of the 90’s I don’t know how often I’ve danced to/sang to/listened to this song. I love it. And the original version is still the best.

7) George Michael, John and Elvis are Dead.
My second watford delight had to make it and I really do love this song. I actually think it’s quite a beautiful song. Good religious questioning!?

8) Scouting For Girls, Elvis Ain’t Dead.
I’ve always had a soft spot for boys and guitars and this song is cute.

9) Mark Cohn, Walking In Memphis.
Predictable but a great tribute song that actually gives me shivers, despite the cheese!

10) Belle & Sebastian, A Century of Elvis.
Oh that we all might see Elvis in our every day lives!

And a bonus one: Pet Shop Boys, Always On My Mind.
Ok, so it’s a cover version rather than a tribute but it’s a bloody great cover version.

Viva Las Elvis!


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