Blue isn’t the Colour: My Word Press Pensieve

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been plotting along settling into my new rural life, domestic bliss, new lovely job. But I have something to get off my chest. It was just going to be a Facebook post but it was a bit long so I thought I’d put it here and even if no one reads it, or if no one agrees with it it is no longer in my head. My word press pensieve if you will.
The Tories have a majority and I’m not happy. That’s the starting point. But I wanted to give some insight into why I’m not happy as lots of people just don’t seem to get it.
Conservatives getting in won’t have much effect on me personally. I own my house with no mortgage, I’m not on benefits, I no longer work for the public sector, there’s a strong possibility that my ex-in laws will pay for a private education for my son, the last budget put me up by £100 or so a year.
Yes, I struggled in the last five years at the hands of a Tory regime: leaving the NHS because I couldn’t bear to see it crumble, dabbling with poverty because of benefit sanctions, having to borrow money from family because of legal aid cuts. That’s not why I wanted them out though.
I wanted the Tories out because of my friends and family suffering. Because of people having to leave their homes, their city, sometimes even their country because of austerity measures. Because the people I know who disabled suffering humiliating assessments and benefits sanctions. Because those I left in the public sector are having the heart ripped out of their services. Because people I love will have to slog their guts out into old age because of the change to retirement age. Because the brave people I know trying to police this country are doing it with less officers and a decimated justice system.
There are probably more of your stories I’ve missed but on only a few hours sleep I can’t remember them all. But that’s not important.
Much as I love my friends & family they weren’t the main reason I wanted the Tories out, the main reason I wanted them out are the people I don’t know. The woman & her child living in a caravan in Bishop’s Stortford because there’s no social housing, the people living by candlelight or shivering through the winter, the mum (or dad) deciding whether she eats or her child eats, all of the patients that I no longer care for who I dying bad deaths because the resources to pay for them are being eaten up, the people priced out of the property market because of non-Dom investors, the people priced out of the rental market because of lack of control over landlords, the people on zero hour contracts who can’t budget, who don’t know if they’ll make their rent, the disabled who are humiliated and made to prove just how awful their life is to get thrown scraps, the people who are marginalized and repressed, the people who don’t feel represented. I wanted the Tories out to help the society that I care about, to help people I will probably never meet.

So yes, I might not suffer too much under a Tory government but I sure as hell won’t sleep at night. My name is Nicola, I’m a bleeding heart leftie and my heart is currently haemorrhaging.

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