All Change!

I is married now!

I is married now!

The blog address has changed. The main motivation behind this was the fact that my beloved & I ran off & got wed. We had an awesome, secret wedding on a sunny day in Islington and so as I’m no longer a Sheehan (yes, I was a naughty feminist & took his name but that’s a whole other post!) it seemed time to change the address.

The author bit felt a bit out of date too. Tiger Tiger is still available in the Kindle store (, I’ve written a children’s book, have another unedited chick lit book & I have a new non-fiction idea I’ve started working on but I’m not convinced I’ve earned the title author just yet. I am however now feeling like a bona-fide writer now as I have columns in the Herts & Essex Observer, East Life magazine & a fun copywriting job for an online media company.

However I’ve not just changed the site to NicolaOsborneWriter & there is a reason for that; there’s been another huge change in my life & that will be the subject of my next few posts…


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