Sex In The Psyche

I’ve been pondering a lot lately the state of being sexy. What qualifies as sexy and, if it is just a state of mind, is sexiness something that we can all achieve?
What is deemed physically attractive, especially in women, seems to ebb and flow with fashions. In the 1950’s we had the hourglass figures and the blonde bombshell, in the 60’s Twiggy was the aspiration with her lithe limbs and doe eyes, the 70’s brought glamour, the 80’s brought the power bitch & the 90’s were the days of heroin chic. There was always a thing. Of course this thing was never the only thing and there are always different tastes but there has been an archetypical sexiness for each decade. An archetype which I’m not sure exists today. I think sexy today is a state of mind, an expression of confidence.
Alternative modelling is a huge industry at the moment, plus size, tattooed women stepping away from the societal norms having just one thing in common, that gaze down the camera lens that exudes a confidence that can’t be made up by any hipster filter. Even away from models, amongst my friends and peers it’s the ones who ooze confidence, the ones whose manner shouts ‘I think I’m sexy and that’s all that matters’ that smoulder sexiness.
I know it isn’t easy. We are all plagued by insecurities but perhaps if we promise to not judge each other cruelly and to see the sexiness in everyone then we can start to push our own insecurities to one side and feel sexy ourselves. Make like Frank N Furter, don’t dream it, be it; and without the pressure to meet a certain dress size or have a particular body shape.
I’m not sure of my point other that I’ve realised I’m going to try and worry less about my mummy tummy or my too short hair and think more about my attitude. If I can put that spring in my step then I can be Marilyn Monroe. We all can. And boop boop be doop to that.